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【Banquet tips】How many styles to setup banquet tables and chairs?

banquet tables and chairs 

How many styles to setup banquet tables and chairs?


According to different themes and number of people, there are many forms of design and decor of function rooms. Whether it is a Chinese banquet or a Western banquet, the setup of tables and chairs is also very particular. Below are 7 Main styles of banquet / event room setup:

1.Banquet round style

The banquet tables use round tables, and the seat is placed around the round table, which is often used for the large banquet. There is an aisle between each table to facilitate serving and guests’ movement. Notice the rows are off center in order to maximize seating.

banquet tables and chairs

2. Auditorium Style

In the banquet hall, Rows of seats are placed inside the venue toward the stage or podium, There is an aisle in the middle. This style is suitable for multi-person meetings. Maximize the number of people in a limited space.

banquet tables and chairs

3. “U” shape Style

The U shape style can be used when space is limited. Using rectangular tables to connect the tables in a rectangular shape. The front of the rectangle is not placed on the table. The chair can be set outside or inside the U shape. In the same time, elegant chair covers can show the high-grade banquet.

banquet tables and chairs

4. Hollow Square Style

Set the table in a square and hollow place. Leave no gaps between the front and the back. Usually the table will be surrounded by skirts, hollow square style of accommodation is small, there are certain requirements for space.

 banquet tables and chairs   banquet tables and chairs

5. Cocktail table Style


Setting the table for a cocktail party. Only tables for wine, drinks and food, no need to setup chairs.  Diagonal placement is more space efficient than lateral rows. It is more convenience for people to communicate because of more free space.  

 banquet tables and chairs


6. Classroom Style

Setting up the tables and chairs in each row in the room. The classroom style setup is great for orientations or any other presentation when the guest will need to be writing/eating while listening. The space for each seat will vary depending on the size of the table.

banquet tables and chairs

7. “Fishbone” Style

Set the table in order according to the fish skeleton and the seat around the table. The alignment of the tables makes most guests comfortable facing the speakers. It is important to leave a space between the group and group, so that the overall pattern shows a shape of a fishbone.

banquet tables and chairs


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