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【Congratulations】”DreamEvent” registered American Standard successfully

America Standard

America Standard

【Congratulations】”DreamEvent” registered American Standard successfully

”DreamEvent” as a sub-brand of “XINYIMEI Furniture” (also know as XYM Furniture), it inherits the faith and purpose of XinYiMei coherently, offers some free and feasible suggestions and provides comprehensive and quality services for all of our customers. And adhering to the mission of “Bring worldwide new couples a fantastic wedding” all the way. Congratulations that ”DreamEvent” registered US trademarks( America Standard ) successfully by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

America Standard

— About the United States Patent and Trademark Office:

Founded in 1802, the US Patent and Trademark Office is an agency under the US Department of Commerce that provides patent protection, trademark registration, and intellectual property certification for inventors and their related inventions.

America Standard

— Why do we register American trademarks( America Standard )?

First of all XYM Furniture always pays great attention to intellectual property rights. Intellectual property, as a strategic resource for enterprises and even countries to improve their core competitiveness, is playing an unprecedented important role.

Only applying for a US trademark successfully, Dreamevent’s products can be recognized protected by the US Trademark Law and can be sold safely in the market. Our customers can also purchase DreamEvent’s products with confidence at the same time.

As we all know, the US trademark protection is very perfect. Registering American Standard can not only prevent infringing goods from entering the US market, but also prevent others from registering another trademark that is the same or may be misunderstood and confused on the goods or service categories you use. This will greatly reduce the chances of buyers being deceived, and registering the US trademarks is a prove of our confident to our products and service.


Xinyimei and DreamEvent will continue to believe that innovation can make our world a better place!

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