Amazing Things You Didn't Know About Ghost Chair

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【Product Introduction】 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Ghost Chair

【Product Introduction】 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Ghost Chair

We often see this chair in commercial areas such as cafes and restaurants. It is the choice of interior design magazines and fashion publications. The transparent chair with round back and slender legs. Do you know which chairs is it? Yes, it is the ghost chair. I believe many people sit or bought the ghost chair. But do you know about the history about ghost chair? Today, Let’s tell you something interesting that you don’t know.

about ghost chair


Philippe Starck, a French designer, has created an antique chair for the Italian company cartel using a transparent polycarbonate injection. This chair is called ghost chair. I think it is called that because of using transparent materials, the chair looks invisible. It’s reminiscent of the walking around soul.

ghost chair

Interestingly, there are several different styles of the ghost chairs. Originally designed  version with armrest called Louis Ghost. is called Victoria Ghost. The armless style that has longer back is called Victoria Ghost. If used together,Louis Ghost is the main chair, while Victoria Ghost is the vice chair, designed as the name of a man and a woman.


And than, Let’s talk about Louis ghost chair. In fact, Louis ghost chair is stylist with contemporary furniture to Louis xv period French furniture bold and free will salute. The armrest chair uses hollow out style. The armrest is connected to the foot of the chair which present curved flow line. The queen’s round medallion back symbolizes the core of power. You assume it is replaced with solid wood and soft pack, Is it a bit like the chair at the time?

ghost chair

Why choose polycarbonate? Because polycarbonate is better than organic glass in terms of impact resistance. And it has the characteristics of high refractive index and light weight. So it is more durable and easy to move.

ghost chair

Ghost chair is very popular nowadays. Do you need ghost for your event? If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. There are many colors can be chosen.