【Team building】 A prefect trip to the mountain of Greattime

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【Team building】 A prefect trip to the mountain of Greattime

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【Team building】 A prefect trip to the mountain of Greattime

What a nice day ! In order to relax ourselves and enhance company cohesion ,we decide to climb mountain. Dayan Mountains is face to Xijiang River , takinng up 300 hectares , and the main peak is 310 meters above sea level. It is called “sister mountain” with the Xiqiao Mountains in the South China Sea. With the temple, pavilions and scenery . Heshan City has set up a Celebrity Pavilion in the Dayan Mountain Scenic Area, which collects historical celebrities of Heshan, contemporary celebrities at home and abroad, as well as people at home and abroad who have made outstanding contributions to Heshan City and politicians who have visited Heshan.
trip to the mountain of Greattime

As for us , when we halfway up in the mountain, there was a sign at the fork of the road, one leading to The Era Tower, the other path leading to Haiyuan Cave. The entrance to the Haiyuan Cave has a big stone. It’s written in the four words of “the wonderful path”. Sure , we choose another way .Perhaps, as the American poet said, we maybe all choose the path of “grass, quiet, more attractive, more beautiful.” Although there are few travelers on this path.

 We finally got to the top of the mountain, we all panted and came to the era tower, we sat on the stone ladder, chatting, joking. I looked down and saw how beautiful the scenery was. It feels like a chinese poem is written that when shall I reach the top and hold and all mountains in a single glance.

trip to the mountain of Greattime

On the way back, no one spoke, only silence. In this silence, accompanied by a cool mountain breeze, came the sounds of birds . Actually, there’s no need to climb to the top. There’s a view under the mountain. Isn’t there a view too ? Maybe we running toward a distant goal without discovering that there are many wonderful sceneries along the way. The same is true of our lives. As we move towards a distant goal, we must also remember that there are sceneries everywhere in the journey.


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