7 Things About Chiavari Chairs You Don't Know

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7 Things About Chiavari Chairs You Don’t Know

7 Things About Chiavari Chairs You Don’t Know

The chiavari chair is one of the most popular chairs today, and we can see why! You are very amazed with its beautiful and elegant design, you are ready to buy chiavari chairs wholesale, but do you know how much about this lovely chair? Here are 7 things about chiavari chairs you don’t know!


The chiavari chair is also known as the chiavarina or tiffany chair. It used to celebrate chairs around the world. Chiavari chairs will have different names depending on your country, but it is always the best choice for any event.


7 Things About Chiavari Chairs

It is a Ligurian design. The chiavari chair was created in 1807 on the northwest coast of Italy. This area is almost identical to the Italian Riviera and is now popular with tourists for its beaches, towns and cuisine.


It is the transformation of some chairs in the French Empire style. Its creator, a cabinet maker from chiavari named Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi, redesigned these French chairs by simplifying the decorative elements and mitigating the structural elements.


It has been a very popular design for many years. When its founder Descalzi died in 1855, about 600 workers were making chiavari chairs.


Pope Leo XIII owns the chair of chiavari. When the chiavari chair became a parish in 1892, it was presented to Pope Leo XIII as a gift by the city of Chiavari, Italy.

6.7 Things About Chiavari Chairs

It inspired the Superleggera chair. The architect and designer Gio Ponti was inspired by the structural system of the chiavari chair for his 1955 Superleggera chair.


It was originally made of wood from the Italian inland forest. Descalzi designed the chiavari chair using wild cherry, maple, beech, ash and purple willow.


Today we can find chiavari chairs not only made of wood, but also made of different materials, providing resistance that makes them more affordable for long-term adaptation to today’s industry needs. The steel chiavari chair has the same elegant design as the original chiavari chair and has the advantage of this durable material. Resistance, a special coating that won’t fade or flake, and it’s made in one piece, makes the chiavari steel chair the perfect choice for your chiavari chair.

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